• Sep 14, 2023

We often get asked about whether our sales team is on commission. This comes from well meaning customers and friends who want to ensure that they make sure they go through a particular salesperson to ensure they get a commission for the order. While we appreciate the concern, we aren’t commission based at SJA Promo because we truly believe that the best service we can offer is based on collaboration and teamwork. 

You see, it is very unusual (actually, probably impossible) for an order to get completed without the support of our team. We also think that the focus for our team should be on you, your project and your preferences, regardless of the size of your order, whether it’s your first order or the hundredth order. 

Based on Deloitte research, a strong commission based strategy isn’t advantageous when:

  • Selling is more of a team effort;
  • The product itself requires little selling effort;
  • The sales job includes many non-sales duties;
  • When there’s a longer sales cycle; and/or
  • When there’s an emphasis on relationship management. 

And PROMO checks all the boxes! 

Although it may feel like one person has worked on your order, behind the scenes your salesperson is consulting with supplier representatives, brainstorming ideas with other salespeople, and communicating with receiving, production (decoration) and accounting, for your order to come together. 

When you come into our showroom or connect with us through email, you already know the value of PROMO in promoting your business. Our job is to find out more about your goals and help connect you with the right items for your project. It’s not about “making the sale” as much as it’s about showing you the best item(s) to meet your goals and helping you see how different items can support your goals. Not to say your order doesn’t take a lot of effort but it’s mainly around ensuring it’s the right product, decoration and getting the order completed accurately. 

For our sales team to provide you the best service, they spend time keeping updated with new products and services through product knowledge sessions with our suppliers, researching various design techniques and new suppliers, supporting other departments or organizational projects and supporting each other. And for each order, there can be a significant amount of research and communication with suppliers and decorators, commission based sales would encourage just finding the easiest route, not the best route for you. 

Although most orders would not be considered a “longer sales cycle”, there are truly custom items which take longer in the customization and production process. That said, we look beyond the initial order to the long-term relationship with our customers. 

We do generally assign your account to one of our salespeople because it helps them get to know you, your preferences, goals and most importantly, your brand and brand guidelines. Having an assigned salesperson helps make your order process more efficient and helps the salesperson alert you to new ideas that fit with your preferences and brand. 

At the end of the day, we believe that this model helps our employees foster the teamwork needed to serve you better, rather than focus on their personal success they are focused on you and how to use the collective talents of our entire team to create the best PROMO solutions for you. 

It means that we’re focused on you, what’s your best value and meets your goals, not evaluating the value of the order for the individual salesperson.

In October, we'll talk about an upcoming project and show how many people participate in developing some GREAT PROMO that supports our community.

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