• Jun 27, 2022

It can be tough to keep coming up with ideas to make sure your PROMO stands out, but each season brings some great new ideas! And summer is no exception, with so many great items available, how do pick the "right" PROMO?

First and foremost, give them something they can use. If the item doesn’t have purpose, it is likely to get thrown out or hidden away and you’ve wasted your PROMO budget.

And to know that the item will be useful to your intended recipient, make sure that you know your audience. Just because you like something doesn't mean they will, and vice versa.  Rather than finding PROMO you like, put yourself in the shoes of your audience. What would they like? If you're handing out items at an event, what items might enhance their enjoyment of the event?

Don't forget, quality is key. The products you select reflect on your brand. If you want your recipients to enjoy these items and use them, they must work as intended. And remember, quality will be judged by the recipient, that’s why it’s so important to know who will be receiving the PROMO items.

The key is the interaction of these three factors. Just because an item is perfect for one event, doesn't make it the best for another. Consider golf balls (or really, any golf items).

If you’re looking for a giveaway for a fun golf tournament with casual and non-golfers, a sleeve of the most economical golf balls is a good bet. It’s something they can use (and likely need), their alternative is likely some beat-up balls from the bottom of someone’s golf bag, and they likely won’t last the day before they are lost. Spending more on those golf balls doesn’t make sense as your average recipient won’t know the difference and likely only golfs a few times a year.

But if you’re taking a customer, who happens to be a regular golfer, out for a round, the same ball isn’t going to cut it. They have a favourite ball, and it isn’t that one. In fact, they likely spend more per ball than that sleeve of balls likely cost you. They may take them, but they aren’t going to use them. You’re PROMO budget is better spent on a different item unless you’re going to buy a premium golf ball.

Or, for another example, if you're going to be set up at an outdoor festival where families will be spending a lot of time and will be wandering around a large area, consider a cinch bag.  These great little bags take up very little space and can be worn as a backpack to keep hands free. They can be an economical giveaway for you but priceless in the eyes of the recipient who is tired of carting around their children's jacket, water bottles and other goodies. But if it's a market where customers are going to be adding items to it at each booth and then heading to the car to take their goodies home, they would likely prefer a good structured tote bag.

Long story short, there is no best PROMO item. It depends on who you're giving it to and under what circumstances. Here are some of our unique summer favourites for different types of events or recipients.


Cast Iron Skillet

We love this item, but it's certainly not for everyone. At about $65 each (with set up and shipping), it's a higher end gift for those that love to camp and cook outdoors. They'll think of you fondly every time they enjoy another meal cooked on the skillet. But you'll miss the mark completely if you decide to give them out to everyone, it won't be stovetop friendly for induction or glass top ranges and won't be appreciated for its value.


Off Road Solar Power Bank

This is the item your outdoor enthusiast never knew they needed until you gave them one! Again, at about $65 each (with set up and shipping), it's a premium gift that will be appreciated by those who spend a lot of time in the great outdoors. No matter how far from civilization you get, as long as you have direct sunlight, you can recharge your devices. 

Cold Snap Towel

Made from a new family of woven materials, this towel is actually cool to the touch!  All you have to do to activate it is wet and "snap" the towel. We love this one because it comes retail packaged with instructions, has great decoration opportunities, and will run about $15-$20 each. (There are other, less expensive versions as well.) Now, imagine being the booth giving these away at a race, golf tournament or festival on a hot summer day! All you need is a bucket of water and you can hand them out ready to use! Your employees will really know you care when you show up to an outdoor job on a hot day with a bunch of these!

Double Wall Party Cup

This isn't your grandma's red solo cup! The sturdy, double wall construction makes these a great insulated reusable cup, great for the camper or backyard barbecue. Save the environment (reusable) and your day to day glasses at the same time! The double wall construction means you can put hot or cold beverages in them. You'll want a full set! They're about $6 each for a full colour imprint, less for one colour imprint.

The Cinch Bag

This is a great giveaway when you need something economical, with lots of different options you can get them from $4-$10 per bag depending on the quantity, style and material. These are a great option for children's activities, outdoor festivals or times when you need an economical way pack up a few items that are being given away. The great thing is that they are less bulky than a normal backpack and unlike tote bags, easy to wear as a backpack and be hands free. It's the backpack version of cheap sunglasses (the ones you wear when you're pretty sure you're going to lose or break them) - great when you just need to carry a few items around and you don't want the bulk of a backpack or the worry that you'll leave it behind somewhere.

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