Group Orders Just Got Easier!

  • Jul 25, 2022

If you dread being the person who is responsible for organizing your team’s group order of branded merchandise, you’re not alone. Handling multiple order forms, trying to decipher everyone’s writing, collecting payments, and managing multiple spreadsheets can be time consuming, frustrating and it’s easy to make errors.

There is a better way! This whole process can be handled online! With an online store, you select the product(s) you want to offer, and an online store is set up. You promote the store link with your intended audience who make their selection(s) online.  

For payment, depending on your needs, the store can be set up to:

  • Take payment as orders are placed.
  • Collect orders and then bill the organization.
  • Or a combination of the two using coupons or gift card codes.

Most stores are open for a certain period, generally 10-14 days, to collect orders and then the store closes and everything is produced.

Because of the customization available, online stores can be used in many types of organizations in many different ways. Teams, schools or clubs can use them to sell spirit wear to their supporters. Companies can also use online stores for group apparel orders, awards and recognition or annual gift giving, providing employees more choices. They can also be a great way to raise money for your organization or another charitable organization.


Check out our DEMO online store at to learn more.


Here are just a few examples of online stores we've set up for our customers:


#BMADD - Fundraising Store

Crossfit Exhale recently raised $672 for the Fort St. John and District Palliative Care Society through the sale of #BMADD shirts and hoodies which featured a Hero WOD (Work out of the Day) in honour of a member of their community who passed away from cancer.  Crossfit Exhale community members ordered online (and sales came from across Canada) and we were so impressed by the response, we doubled the donation and so the donation was $1,344! All it took for organizers was to meet with their Promotional Product Consultant to confirm the design and the products they wanted to offer and promoting the store link to supporters.  Once the store closed, we produced and packed up all of the orders, dropped them off to Crossfit Exhale and alerted customers via email that their orders were ready for pick up.


WL Construction New Logo Launch

When WL Construction introduced their new logo, they wanted to ensure their employees all had great new branded apparel and knew that with a variety of employees in different roles from office workers to those working in the field, it would be better if they decided what type of apparel they wanted. An online store was set up with a variety of items ranging from t-shirts to hoodies to jackets and all employees were provided with a gift card code to do some shopping.  Those that wanted to spend more than their gift card amount were able to do that, paying for the balance on their personal credit card.  Those that didn't want to spend their own money, made selections up to their gift card amount. When the store closed, the company was also able to purchase additional stock to have on hand to give away and the orders from the online store gave them knowledge as to the most popular items and sizes. It was such a popular method of recognizing their employees, they ran another store the following year for their holiday employee appreciation gifts.


School Stores

We've run a number of school stores over the last couple of years, for regular spirit wear and special event days like Pink Shirt Day. Stores have been organized by school personnel or PAC members and offer a great opportunity to make product available to students and parents and can also be a great way to raise funds for school activities and projects. All it takes is an hour or so of time to select the products and decoration methods, ensuring the store site link is promoted and distributing the completed orders to students. We do the rest, including packing up the orders and dropping them off at the school for distribution.  We even offer pick up at our location for parents wanting the orders to be a surprise (pre-Christmas stores).


NPGA Northern Lights Invitational - Event Hybrid Onsite

When the North Peace Gymnastics Association hosted over 100 athletes for their Northern Lights Invitational, we were able to offer great souvenirs for participants.  An online store was launched prior to the event so that orders could be placed ahead of time for pick up at the event. In this case, we were also able to be onsite during the event to help people place online orders which were being produced as the orders came in at our local production facility.  This way, we were able to have orders ready for pick up at the event within a couple hours of the orders being placed. Not only was it great to see athletes sporting these great products during the event, it helped raise funds to offset the cost of hosting this type of event.


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