There's still time!

  • Nov 9, 2023

I know we’ve been talking since September about the need to get your Christmas orders in. And if your life has been like ours, it feels like September was yesterday and Christmas is tomorrow!

But don’t dismay, there is still time to get your Christmas order in. You will need us to help you find the best item that can get done in time and that’s why we’re here! First, let’s talk about why we start Christmas orders so early so it can give you a better idea of why the options become more limited the closer it gets to Christmas.

Unlike going to a regular retail location to pick up an item on the same day, we source so many products from so many suppliers in so many locations and orders are normally larger so instead of looking for one jacket, you may need 50. Although our showroom is bursting with samples, these items are not for sale but are here so that you can see and touch items before you make the choice to purchase them. We don’t have them in all the sizes, colours or styles.

Depending on the item, it could be warehoused close to us and be here in a few days or if it’s out east, it will take a week or more to arrive. As I suppliers get busier, sometimes this can add another couple of days for delivery. (And now add in this crazy winter weather, but let's not talk about that!)

Decoration is always custom for you and so we are either working with our suppliers, contract decorators or our in-house production team. What this means is that when you place an order, the blank product may need to be shipped to us or a decorator to be decorated before it is ready for pick up. Production times can vary but at this time of year, do tend to take longer. Normal production is around two weeks, depending on the decoration method.

That said, I did say this blog was about how you STILL HAVE TIME so let's get back to that thought because WE CAN STILL HELP. You just need us to help narrow down the options for the types of items that can arrive in time for Christmas and that still leaves a lot of options.

The best bet right now is soft goods that don’t have a long journey to get to us. This includes jackets, hoodies, toques, hats and bags. There are still some hard goods like tech, drinkware, and other items that can still be done for another week or so but there may be some rush fees or expedited shipping but we’ll make you aware of any extra charges right away.

Decoration is likely going to be the common staples in the industry – embroidery, engraving, screen printing and heat transfer, rather than some of the methods that could take longer - but we'll still be able to find a way for your brand to stand out (or not, whatever the case may be if you're going for more of a retail look this year).

So, don’t dismay, we’re here to help. We just need to get started right away and just give us some ideas and let us do what we do best!

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