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  • May 2, 2024

We're constantly watching PROMO Trends, what's hot now may not be in a few years and what will be replacing those items when they've run their course?

Over the next couple of months, we'll talk about some of the trends we're watching in 2024 and today we talk about Health & Wellness.

This has been a growing category over the last few years and is a great way to show your clients, supporters and employees that you really care. There are many things which fall into the Health & Wellness category to watch for and consider adding into your PROMO purchasing.

With 58% saying they are prioritizing wellness now more than they did a year ago, Millennial and Gen Z consumers spend more on health and wellness than older consumers with the top categories being: 

  • Appearance (cosmetic procedures, hair and skin care products);
  • Health (medications, supplements, personal care products);
  • Fitness (memberships, classes, wearable devices);
  • Nutrition (food subscription services, food tracking apps);
  • Sleep (cooling mattresses, gravity blankets, sleep hygiene); and
  • Mindfulness (meditation classes, mindfulness apps).

So, how do you capitalize on this trend and pick items that really show you care? Here's what we're seeing.

1. Hobbies/Enjoying the Outdoors

Work/Life balance isn't just about balancing hours of work but also having meaningful interests and hobbies outside of work. Items that support hobbies and interests outside of work show that you see these as important and your PROMO has a better chance of being used and enjoyed by the recipient.

Some top hobbies and interests include:

  • Outdoor Activities - Camping equipment, chairs, outdoor blankets, coolers, backpacks, robust drinkware
  • Traveling - Bags, luggage, luggage tags, passport holders, eye masks, travel pillows
  • Pets - There are lots of great items to shower some love on their furry friends!
  • Gardening/Plants - Plant kits, seed packages/paper, gardening tools, plant pots

Here are a couple of our *new favourites:

Click on the image to check out the KUMA Kamp Blanket! With polyester fabrics, you'll find the great durability and ease of cleaning.

And, one of the newest editions to the KUMA chair line up, check out the Yoho Bamboo Butterfly Chair. An amazing combination of comfort and strength and the bamboo base is the most lightweight Kuma yet!

2. Stress Relief/Relaxation

There are so many promo items that can help with stress relief and relaxation (and no, I'm not talking about stress balls, although we can get those too). Some of our personal favourites are massage guns, hot/cold therapy pillows/bears, weighted blankets, diffusers, sunrise alarm clocks.

Some of the best PROMO items are the ones you want but may not buy yourself! This 5000mAh Massage gun has 4 interchangeable massage heads and comes in a great branded case.

This great bear is more than what meets the eye! Microwave to experience the therapeutic benefit of heat therapy with the clay bead and flaxseed inside.

3. Nutrition/Healthy Eating

As more people focus on healthy eating and nutrition, more people are heading back into the kitchen (or the outdoor barbecues and smokers) to hone their cooking and baking skills. Cutting boards, kitchen and barbecue utensils, anything that supports the charcuterie creations, or serving dishes are all great ideas. We even have great lines of sauces and spices to showcase your brand.

A home and camping favourite, these cast iron skillets feature your branding engraved into the surface and are great for induction cooktops.

And if you hate when your burgers end up too small and round to properly fill your bun, the Smashburger Press Tool is a great addition to the burger making tools! 

4. Fitness/Sports

Whether it's sponsoring an employee's team, outfitting them with uniforms or other equipment, general purpose fitness items or sport specific items, we've got you covered. 

As we look towards hotter and hotter summers or sports enthusiasts who give it their all, a cooling towel is a great gift and we love these ones! Affordable and fully customizable full colour designs, this towel provides instant cooling relief when damp. It is designed to create a cooling sensation as the water evaporates making it great for those who work or spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer.

Snap N’ Glow Rechargeable Personal Safety Light [CDN]

Help them stay safe as they head outdoors in the dark. This Snap n' Glow rechargeable personal safety light has a silicone strap and magnetic closure which makes it easy to connect to clothing, bags, hats and more while out night running, walking or biking.

5. Hybrid Office

With more and more people balancing work in the office with work at home, helping make sure they have the proper equipment at home to work comfortably.

This lap desk can move from indoors to outdoors on those nice days!

3 Fold Charger [CDN]

Okay, not specifically home office but this is one of our staff favourites. Wirelessly charge your smart phone, ear buds and smart watch with this great 3 in one charger. And what you can't see on the picture is the full colour area to show off your branding that they'll see every night when they put their phone on the charger.


I hope this gives you some ideas for your next PROMO order! Talk to us about these and so many other ways to show your customers and employees how much you care about their health and wellness!

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