Your Guide to PROMO Pricing

  • May 3, 2021

“How much does it cost to get a hat with my logo?” 

Whether it is hats or any promotional product, this is the most common question we get asked.  The most accurate response is, “How much do you want to spend?”

Not the answer you were looking for, we know, but there are many factors that go into the price of a particular PROMO item.


P is for Product


The style, quality and brand name are generally going to be the main drivers of your overall price for the finished item. Whether you go with the economy option or look to brand name goods depends on your plans for the promotional items.  If you're looking for a large number of giveaways that you don't expect to have a lot of ongoing use, perhaps an economy product is all you need.  If you're handing out items to employees or customers who are very brand conscious, you may be looking for more of a premium product or a specific brand name.

Take hats, for example.  You can get blank, promotional hats for $5-6 or you can get brand name hats for $20-$30 and lots of options in between.  Do you want a retail brand hat like Flexfit or New Era or will a non-recognizable or promo brand hat work for your project?  We've used hats as an example but the same applies to any promotional product you might be looking at. 


D is for Decoration


There are many different methods of decoration and each has its own set of pricing nuances. 

For example, with embroidery, there would be a set up fee to create the digital file with the embroidery instructions.  It is generally a one time fee and on average you can expect it to be $30-$50 depending on the complexity of the logo.  Then, for each embroidery location, there is a charge based on the number of stitches. An estimate of about $6-$8 per location is a good ballpark for a hat or left chest application.

For items where the set up requires more than a digital file, like silk screening which requires the creation of a screen, there will likely be a set up fee each time.  Set up fees range depending on the type of decoration, from $10-$20 for silk screening to hundreds of dollars for custom dies or moulds for truly custom products.  Expect for the most part to pay a set up fee with each order although you may be positively surprised for some orders if you are doing an exact repeat, you may have a lower or no set up fee.


# is for Quantity


Lastly, and what can make the largest difference, is the quantity.   Most products will have quantity discounts based on the number of items you are purchasing.  For example, for hats, our quantity discounts start to apply at 24 hats so your price per hat if you're ordering 24 hats will be lower than if you order 12.  Sometimes the savings can be significant and can impact your decision on how many to order at one time.

Many types of decoration are also significantly quantity driven.  Sometimes the quantity price difference is so significant, it's less expensive to purchase a couple more items than it is to stick with your original quantities.  Quantity not only drives the pricing but also the product and decoration options available. For example, silk screening can be a great, cost effective decoration method for soft goods but only once you hit a certain quantity.


Let your Promotional Consultant be your Guide.


So, long story short, your hat (or other PROMO item) can cost as much or as little (almost) as you want it to.  So when you look at your quote for hats and they are about $20 each and a  friend says they saw a place where you can get hats for $10, they are probably right. But is it the same hat?  How are the hats decorated?  How many do you have to purchase to get that price? Have all charges, like set up fees and shipping, been included?

This reinforces the importance of working with a trusted Promotional Consultant. Rather than just ask how much it is to get a hat, talk to them about what you want to accomplish with your PROMO. What is your budget?  Who will be getting the items?  How many do you need?

Let them source the best product(s) and decoration method(s) to reach your goals.  They can help provide product options in your price range and find the right decoration for your items and budget.