Team & School Online Stores





There is a better way!                                    



SJA Promo now offers online "pop up" stores to help you sell school and team gear. 

You can check out our demo store by clicking the flyer on the right.




How it works


1.  Meet with a sales representatives to select the items you wish to sell in your store.

2.  We work with you to determine item pricing (you can use stores for fundraising, too!).

3.  We build your store and host it for a defined period (best practice is 10-14 days).

4.  You promote your store, sharing the link to potential customers.

5.  When the store closes, we produce the products ordered.

6.  You pick up your products and copies of all of the orders to pack and distribute.

7.  We provide you the proceeds from your online store.


Is a store right for you?


You have at least 30 potential customers who would be purchasing items from your store.

There is an investment of time and technology to develop your store.  In addition, without enough shoppers, you may not be able to sell enough quantity to meet minimum order requirements for items in order to have them produced.  If you have a limited audience, we can discuss alternative ways to help you develop and promote your products. 


You have the time and tools to actively promote your store during the "pop up" period.


We can help you by providing images to use for your promotion and will do what we can to ensure your customers can get to your store but YOU have the best pipeline to YOUR customers.  The more you promote your store and get the word out to your customers, the more successful your store will be!  Our online software has some tools to help, we'll provide you with a link to track your orders, create flyers and email your customers when your store opens and a reminder before it closes. 

During your "pop up" period, you will want to have someone reviewing the progress and adjusting your marketing strategy to encourage sales.


You have a group of people who can package and distribute your orders.


Once the store closes, we produce the individual orders as one bulk order and provide you all of the products together with the individual order sheets.  Your group picks up the products and individually packages the orders and coordinates the pick up or delivery of orders. The number of people and time required will be related to the number of orders, number of products offered and level of product personalization offered on individual items.  The good news is that you will have some time for planning as this activity will take place approximately 2-3 weeks after the store closes.


Ready to get started or want to find out more?  Contact your sales representative or L.J., or 250.785-7741.