Who We Are

With roots in the community dating back to 1988, SJA Promo started out as St. John Advertising.  In 2017, new owners, mother-daughter team, Julie Roach-Burns and Kailey Odermatt, extended the name to better reflect what we do and it became St. John Advertising and Promotions.  That was quite a mouthful and so now we go by SJA Promo! 

In 2020, after the development of her brand, Lattitude 56, Julie set off to continue to build her brand and decorating expertise.  She still works with our team in a decorating capacity to help our customers' designs come to life. This left room for another fabulous woman to join our team and we welcomed Melissa Stowe!  You know her from another great local company, Ideal Office Solutions.

Now, led by Kailey and Melissa, we focus on helping our customers get their brand into your hands!  Whether for a company, team, community organization or big private event, we'll help you select and decorate your PROMO!


What We Believe In



With so many options out there, we know that buying PROMO can be overwhelming.  We believe that it's our job to navigate that for you!  We bring all of our experience and network of suppliers to help you find the right products and decoration methods to promote your brand!  Whether it's your first order or you're a seasoned purchaser, we want to be your PROMO partner!  We are constantly introducing new tools, products and decoration methods to help you create the best PROMO while having a fantastic purchase experience!



Your brand is one of your most valuable assets.  When you put your name on something, it needs to be something you can be proud of.  At SJA Promo, we take that personally.  We have a huge showroom full of samples because we want to see these items before we suggest them to you. When your products arrive, we look at them with the same critical eye as if it were our own PROMO.  If we wouldn't be proud to have it as our PROMO, we'll make it right!


We are proud to live and work in the beautiful Peace Region and believe that we all have a responsibility to help build a strong and healthy community.  Whether it's donating to a local event, helping a non-profit raise funds through one of our online pop up stores or volunteering our time and resources to an important project, we're here to help!  And with our fabulous customers, we have had opportunity to partner on some fantastic projects!



 Meet Our Team


Co-owner and Fearless Leader, Kailey takes care of the things we don't want to worry about so that our customers and team continue to think all of this is effortless.  She loves working at SJA Promo because of the limitless possibilities for helping organizations promote their brands. There are new and exciting products and decoration techniques coming out every day! When not at work, you will likely find Kailey playing sports or adventuring in the beautiful Peace region. 

Kate is our Show and Tell Leader (showing off all the great PROMO as it is received), PROMO Chauffeur and Captain of Multi-tasking. Kate loves working at SJA Promo because she wants to be a police officer and she gets lots of practice trying to keep us in line (which is no easy task).  She also loves the variety, no two days are ever the same!  When not at work, she’s likely out walking her dog or working out vicariously through others at her second job at Goodlife Fitness. 

L.J. spends most of her day doing arts and crafts; coming up with PROMO puns; building online stores for companies, school and fundraisers and plotting crazy schemes to help people know about the great things we do. She loves working at SJA Promo because it gives her a chance to be creative and seek out great new promo products and programs (and the puns, definitely the puns).  When not at work, she enjoys spending time with the “rentals” (nieces and nephews), golfing and road trips!


In her quest to help people get the things they need and make it look the way they want, Mary-Beth is an Inventory Sleuth, Expert Tracker and Mock Up Master.  She loves being able to work with great people (staff & customers) and seeing customers so proud of the promo items they’ve purchased.  She also enjoys seeing the promo she's helped create around town!  When not in the keyboard position at her desk you’ll find her travelling, enjoying outdoor adventures, hot rod vehicles & music with her human and pet family.

Co-owner and Numbers Ninja, Melissa spends her days diving into pools of numbers, solving problems we didn't know we had in ways we don't understand. She loves the great work environment at SJA Promo and that we're so customer centric and community minded.  (We also think she loves it so much here because she gets to shop!)  When she's not navigating numbers, she spends her time staring at goats.  (And if you know Melissa like we know her, you just don't ask for more information on that one.) 

As Money Maestro, Sandy works behind the scenes to ensure things run smoothly, allowing the rest of the team to focus on customers.  She loves the fun, creative, positive and productive atmosphere at SJA Promo and is proud of the support SJA provides to local non-profit, community and sports organizations.  When not clicking away on the adding machine, she enjoys snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, kickboxing, hiking, gardening and spending time with her husband, pets and friends.




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